Pet Portrait Artist NC

Custom Pet Oil Portrait

North Carolina pet artist can create the perfect masterpiece for you of your pets in oils. A top tier work of art that the artist put his heart in to.

oil painting of a pug


 Consultation Options and initial cost
(note:  The consultation fee is deducted from total cost of commission if I am hired.)

Option 1.Email using form and submit photos via email -FREE

Option 2. Virtual (zoom) meeting or you meet me locally (Kannapolis, NC)-$50.00

Option 3. I come to  meet locally to your location. $100.00 and up depending on distance.


After initial consultation I will determine if photos are usable or if we will need to schedule a photo session if it is of an animal you now have. For posthumous requests  if photos are not adequate then requests for portrait will have to  be declined. Photo session fee will range from $150.00 and up depending on travel distance and will need to be a place where the animal is comfortable and minimal stress.
You are  welcome to hire your own photographer, just be sure they agree to their photos being used to create a piece of artwork as they have copyright claims to their photography.

If we have not already decided on a size and cost these can be discussed and finalized. We will go over all procedures and sign an artist/ client agreement that we both understand the terms.


Option 1 -Pay in full up front

Option 2 -35% deposit before layout rough, 35% upon review of canvas sketch, remaining 30% at completion

Option 3- 25% deposit , remaining balance broken up into monthly payments. additional 10% finance charge added to this method. Artwork delivered once paid in full.

Time to complete
Quality Oil paintings take time. Initial painting will take average 1-3 months to complete , maybe longer for larger work. Oil paint requires at least 6 months to fully dry and cure before adding final varnish. I generally work on each piece about 1 hour per day average 4-5 days per week depending on how many commissions I am alternating between. I try to keep commissions down to no more than 3 at one time so each one gets adequate work time.

I recommend at least 10-12 months lead time if you want it for a special occasion. 


What if I have to cancel my order? 
If you opt for payment option and cancel before I start on painting I will refund everything except consult fees and photo fees if applicable.
Once painting has begun any money paid is non refundable. If you are making payment simply stop paying and our agreement will be considered dissolved and I will retain artwork. I will keep your painting for 12 months before repurposing the canvas should you decide to complete order. Additional fee of $100.00 will apply to renew a cancelled agreement.

What if I do not like the artwork?

I am purposely extremely picky about photo selection and whether I will accept the commission. I will make every effort to make sure you love the work and give an  opportunity towards the end of the painting process to review and make suggestions for tweaks. That being said, art is subjective and although I will do my best to make sure you love the work I cannot ever make a 100% guarantee that you will. Time spent on a painting is not refundable.


Contact For Pricing

Oil Paintings take time and dedication to complete. Please refer to process and make sure this is right item for you before contacting. Because of the time involved Oil Commissions are not always accepted unless I feel comfortable with you  and quality of photos. Smaller painting does not equal cheaper, in fact smaller painting are usually more tedious work to get fine detail of fur.


Border Collie oil portrait

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