NC Illustration Artist

Over the last 30 years, I have drawn Illustrations for a number of projects. Here is a sampling of some of the many projects I have illustrated. Feel free to reach out with your project ideas, as I may have illustrated something similar that may not necessarily be represented here.

Political Cartoon Illustrations

Collection of some of the cartoons I’ve worked with and help create for political clients. Most of these are for a conservative group out of Oregon. This is the cartoons in raw, unedited form before my client adds text and content to them.

You can see some of them once they are edited and published here.


Logo Design

This is a collection of some of the logos and clip art I have created for people over the years. Depending on your needs, I may or not accept commissions for logo design.

I am primarily an illustrator, and in most cases will defer to a good graphic designer for logos that are more text based.

Spot Illustrations

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