Eric Melton, Artist

Eric Melton

Kannapolis NC artist with a lifetime commitment to his  art.

One of my favorite quotes comes from one of my favorite sci-fi shows Dr. Who.

The line delivered by Matt Smith was “We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one eh?”

I believe in living life to its fullest and ever since I figured out my passion of art I have not deviated from this path. Being an artist has opened so many doors for me and truly changed my life for the better. Without the talent for drawing I’m just like everyone else. But when I pick up an instrument ot create I feel transformed into something greater than myself. 

The Story So Far…

The Story so far..

1980-Started drawing in Kindergarten

1993 Started Drawing Caricatures Paramount’s Carowinds summer job.

1994 Caricaturist at Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio

1995-2005 Owned Caricature Retail stand in Myrtle Beach SC at Family Kingdom Amusement Park

2006 Moved back to Kannapolis and is working at expanding Illustration side of business.

2018 Added Pet Caricature Illustration to portfolio.

2020 Started offering pencil sketches and Animal Oil Portraits

I have spent a lifetime striving to become a better artist and human being.

I love what I do and feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living.

Eric Melton